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The reincarnated family of Queen Catherine de Medici of France she was also my mother in law and are connected to my family now also. -Mary Migdal (Magdalene)

Past Life Documentaries

A video about past lives and the people who have experienced it.

Lives of Mary Migdal (The Magdalene)


Higher self Archeia Mercy, Goddess Aphrodite 12,000bc, Goddess Hathor 6000bc, Human lives 1.Eve 2700bc,2. Ne’elatama’uk 2475bc,3.Hager 2000bc, 4. Rachel 1700bc,5.Princess Meritaten 1300bc, 6.Queen Ahinoam 1082bc,7.Queen Athaliah 840bc, 8.Mary of Bethany 3ac, 9.Majanah 500ac, 10.Jeanne de Arc 1412 ac, 11.Queen Mary of Scots 1542, 12.Queen Marie Leszcynska 1725ac, 1980ac, and the last Queen of Heaven

Lives of Farid Qureshi

Three confirmed discovered past lives of Farid Azim Qureshi
1) King Pharaoh Amenhotep III of Egypt 2) Swami Vivekananda.

Farid Qureshi and Swami V King Amenotep III